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Altoids My archeological dig for treasure was going very slowly - three days and still I have found nothing worth mentioning. I was about to call off the search when suddenly my shovel struck some kind of metal object in the soil. I carefully dug around the article, careful not to damage it. Proceeding to unearth this mysterious item, I was soon able to hold this small oblong of metal in my hand. Upon returning to my lab I realized that I had made quite a discovery, for this object was obviously from the twentieth or twenty-first century. Characters that looked to be from the early twentieth or twenty-first century ran along the top: The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Peppermints. Altoids.While analyzing this strange artifact, I encountered its many fascinating properties. The relic appeared to be hollow; upon further exploration I discovered that this object was some sort of receptacle - likely used for the storage of some form of confectionery which was popular in those times or some other such product. Opening the lid, I could barely control my excitement about the discovery I was about to make. Empty. Feeling somewhat disappointed, I remembered that this container could still tell me many things. I decided that I needed to do a little research on these things called "Altoids." A visit to the historic Bancroft Library at the campus of University of California Berkeley yielded that Altoids were a kind of primitive treat developed by the ancient civilization of Great Britain, and consumed by persons all over many parts of the world. Altoids were apparently a type of confection called a "mint"; after researching extensively, I learned that in the early twenty-first century, the mint industry was rapidly growing, and that there was a multitude of mint brands available.While studying the container more extensively, I discovered that there was writing on the back as well as the front of the container Nutritional Facts, Ingredients, a website, and production information were all given. Why would people want to know all of this if it was simply a confectionery treat? After pondering this point I came to believe that the nutritional information helped patients of diabetes (there was no cure in the twenty first century) gauge their...

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