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Altruism And Service: Personal Experiences Essay

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For one to understand the concept and meaning of the word altruism, he or she must be able to understand the meaning and concept of egoism, morals, and ethics. Each term represents one’s desire to do what he or she believes is ethical. In this paper I will discuss and provide five scenarios describing several occasions in which I have performed a good deed to help another individual or have witnessed someone else do a good deed to help another individual.
Based on my understanding of the word altruism, it means showing concern for the well being of others. Almost every individual performs an act of altruism on a daily basic, whether the act is big or small. Here is three examples of my opinion on altruism, a person in front of you at the supermarket is twenty cent short of purchasing a quart of milk and you pay it, and as you are leaving the store in a hurry, a woman is walking behind you pushing her grocery cart and you stop to hold the door, a person falls into a lake accidentally and a strangers jumps in to rescue that person even though he or she cannot swim. This means that the person has risked his or her life to save another without thinking of his or her own safety.
There are many definitions for the term altruism, and each definition describes different ways individuals think about the relevance of one’s behavior. Some individuals have argued that altruism has nothing to do with an individual performing an act of kindness or good will toward others. In fact, there are many who argue that it is impossible for altruism to exist. The reason is because; they believe that when people perform an act of kindness they also have an alternative motive, whether it is to feel good about themselves, to receive something in return or they may just have a guilty conscious.
Below are five occasions for when I perform an act of kindness to help someone:
Scenario (1) Showing concern for customers: My family and I own a tire shop business and sell used tires to our customers at an affordable price. A few weeks ago, we had a customer come in to get her tires checked; I notice that she had three small children in the back seat. The customer stated that she needed tires but didn’t have any money to pay at that therefore, she only wanted to get her tires checked and get a price. She stated that she would come back when she get her pay check the next week. When I saw the wire coming out of her tires and saw the children in the back seat my heart broke for her. I invited her and the children into my office to have something to drink and I told her that I needed to print her invoice for what her tires and labor would cost. As she and the children set in my office drinking sodas, I sent my husband a text message telling him to go ahead and change the customer tires and I would try to stall her so she wouldn’t come out. I came up with just about every conversation I could to stall her. We got on the subject of toddlers and poor management in the daycare. As it...

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