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Altruism In Society Campaign About International Human Rights

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Altruism in Society Campaign - International Human RightsUniversity of PhoenixSocial PsychologyPSY/400Altruism in Society Campaign - International Human RightsAltruistic behavior has motivations from intrinsic gratification and extrinsic rewards. Myers (2008) described genuine altruism as the motivation of "an ultimate goal of selfless concern for another person (p. 440)." Abraham Lincoln believed that selfishness motivates all selfless acts. International human rights is a social issue that many are passionate about because the issues appeal to the inner senses and tugs on the heart. Every person has rights according to the international community, and need to be protected. The nature and history of international human rights stem from countries around the world that by an act of either God or man has violated the rights of people. People have rights that must be protected, and here altruism comes in, and those that have much, share with those who do not. The impact that human rights have on society around the world is enormous. International human rights cannot be taken away by government, and many around the world are ready to take up the campaign to help wherever needed. Three critical elements of persuasion motivating altruism as suggested by Aristotle are 1) Ethos (or the credibility of the speaker), 2) Logos (or the strength of the argument), and 3) Pathos (or the communicators ability to move the audience). These elements can be used to persuade people around the world to become involved in helping those less fortunate. This intervention will provide a strategy for prevention.Nature and HistoryEvery man, woman and child have rights and these rights need to be protected not just in one country alone but internationally. The international human rights has a long history and the nature of this human right is compelling and wasn't easy to agree on. Governments do not just give or grant human rights away voluntarily, but these human rights are only secure in a lucrative dispute to absolutist influence (Viljoen, 2009). For a very long time, no international human rights laws were in place. This was a major problem worldwide there was a desperate need for just the basic human and international rights. There needed to be a declaration of the basic universal, political, financial, social and cultural rights that all humans should have. In other words humans worldwide needed to live their lives without unwanted disruption or reprisal. Over time these rights have been accepted as the essential component of all human rights, and are ultimately respected and protected all over the planet.International human rights started to come to light After the First World War when many human rights were violated. Certain terms were not final, fully worked out, or even agreed upon when it came to human rights. Many attempts were made to lay the groundwork on international human rights system. According to Frans...

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