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Altruism Vs Seclusion, A Sociological Approach To The Psychology Of Interaction

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Has America lost its basic neighborly interaction or has the populace become secluded? Basic neighborly interaction stems from altruistic behavior. The interaction refers to positive sociological reactions to an individual, or a group, and positive psychological responses towards the outsider, in other words, it's considered to be positive interaction with and kindness towards strangers. Looking at the psychology of a situation while simultaneously considering the sociological implications is important because these two ideas are intertwined and both affect the human psyche. This interaction will be broken down into two measurable terms, average interaction and body language. The average frequency of basic neighborly interaction in America will be compared against the primary observational research which focuses on basic interaction between strangers. The analyzed secondary data will provide a baseline and structure for the primary research, it will also provided an outside perspective of the he terms that makes up the primary question. The outside perspective can influence Americans’ view of their own basic neighborly interaction, skewing the end results. When these different approaches are brought together they offer a clear picture of how the observed group measures against the average American. These results can be used to determine what impact the current college age, future workforce, will have on the American baseline.

The concept being looked at is basic neighborly interaction in America. This idea refers to the different sociological and psychological responses and behavior from an individual, or a group, towards an outsider. Neighborly interaction looks at the psychological and sociological responses towards a stranger and the ramifications of those responses. In order to study this concept, I had to break this idea down into measurable terms. My school career in psychology, as well as psychology textbooks contributed to the breakdown of this term. Body language is a main focus for the primary research. The research looked at the position towards others, whether arms or legs were crossed, and level of technology use. I’ve also added in the politeness aspect because I believe it to be an important part of neighborly interaction. The data results from the terms will be compared against similar data from the secondary research. The primary question was approached from different perspectives. This offers a stronger conclusion. There are three different viewpoints that were looked at; a general view of Americans from an outside perspective, Americans’ view on their own image, and primary research to analyze the selected population of Americans and compare that data to the structure provided by the secondary research.
The secondary research provided politeness data and data on levels of personality traits, both with respect to Americans. Politeness is the sociological aspect of the research, while the personality...

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