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Aluminum Nickel Group Analysis

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Aluminum-Nickel Group Unknown AnalysisA clear solution of the Aluminum-Nickel Group unknown #4 was treated with NH4Cl and excess NH4OH resulting in the formation of a white precipitate and clear supernatant liquid indicating the possible presence of Al3+, Co2+, Ni2+, Mn2+, and Zn2+, and the possible absence of Fe3+, Fe2+, Cr3+. The white precipitate and clear supernatant liquid were treated with (NH4)2S resulting in the formation of a light pink-orange precipitate and yellow supernatant liquid indicating the possible absence of Fe3+, Cr3+, Fe2+, Co2+ and Ni2+; and the possible presence of Mn2+, Al3+, and Zn2+. The light pink-orange precipitate was treated with HCl and was completely dissolved indicating the absence of Co2+ and Ni2+. HNO3 was added to the solution from HCl treatment resulting in a clear solution indicating the possible absence of Fe3+ and Cr3+; and the possible presence of Al3+, Mn2+, and Zn2+. The clear solution was treated with NaOH resulting in the formation of light brown precipitate and clear supernatant liquid indicating the possible presence of Mn2+, Al3+, and Zn2+; and the possible absence of Fe3+ and Cr3+. The light brown precipitate and clear supernatant liquid were treated with H2O2 resulting in the formation of a black precipitate and light brown supernatant liquid indicating the possible presence of Mn2+, Al3+, and Zn2+; and the possible absence of and Fe3+ and Cr3+.The black precipitate was treated with H2SO4 resulting in a red-brown precipitate which then was added H2O2 was completely dissolved resulting in a clear solution indicating the possible presence of Mn2+...

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