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Am. Dr. M. Essay

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“You can call me Miss. Ferris, please. And I don’t like the fact that you’re using my boyfriend as a science project.” She said. Her temper with the man started to rise and soon her hands clenched into fists to release her frustration. She wanted to get away from this building, to leave Marquis as just a fleeting person in history. “Well thank you for seeing me, Mr. Varner.” She said and slowly backed away from him, keeping her eyes glued on him until she walked into a different hallway and out of his sight. With a sigh of relief she quickly exited the building, got into her car, and drove away with more worries than when she came.

Hot wrath boiled deep within Marquis’s stomach as he turned and walked back into the bathroom. He had unfinished business, business that couldn’t wait. He flipped back on the light and walked over to the projecting sink, turning on the water full force on hot. Steam started to rise from the basin and up to the mirror where he glared at himself. His pitiful beard was scraggily and messy looking, almost looking like it belonged to a bum. Which he was on all accounts. He spat into the water and turned around, reaching down on the closed toilet for his shaving equipment. He grabbed his cheep shaver and cream in a tight grip before turning back at the mirror.
Too close…way to close, he thought to himself and dipped his hands into the scolding hot water. He merely blinked at the temperature and started to splash his face with it. He looked down at his hands which had turned a bright rosy red.
Gavin has the symptoms. I didn’t succeed in recalibrating my device so now someone else will suffer. But it’s for the best.
“Is it for the best?” He argued aloud and started to pound on the cream, spraying it everywhere as he patted his skin.
Yes. It is. Your work is everything to you.
He smiled at the thought and raised the razor to his cheek, bringing it down in a long clean streak. Hair cut away from his face, exposing more skin than before. “But what is it for?” he asked.
It’s for recognition, to be acknowledged as the genius you are.
“To show the world who I am.” He agreed with a smile and moved the razor to the left before starting another row. Each time he pressed down on his face he looked more presentable than before. Good bye beard, hello clean face. Marquis turned his head to the right and started on his left cheek.
Your righteous work is everything to you which is why no one can be snooping too much into how dangerous this actually is. No one will ever find out the truth behind it, not even my experiments. They will suffer. I will make sure of it.
His face was clean now, no beard in sight to hide away his aged but hansom face. He leaned down and rinsed with the hot water. It stung but the pain was also relief.
They are all scum and we know it. All the doctors who have a job when I should fill their place.
He used a nearby towel to dry the remaining drops of water mixed with shaving cream. He smelled fresh now; it...

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