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The car drove steadily downward through the winding road that led back into the overpopulated city. The last remaining trees in Portland blurred by with speed as Callie pushed the gas peddle down a bit more then what was needed. This was one night she hoped to end soon but with Gavin sitting quietly beside her, she knew it was going to take much more than sleep to help him. She quickly glanced over and noticed dry streaks running down his cheeks and towards his chin. She glanced back up and turned the wheel a bit, adjusting their course so they wouldn’t crash into on coming trees. In only twenty years of her life she had never experienced such a high strung atmosphere as the one contained within the car. Only God knew what thoughts Gavin kept cooped up inside, manifesting themselves into some horrid beast of depression. She knew what it felt like, and she knew it well. One thing could lead to another and after a while everything seemed to be stacked up against you, even your own thoughts. The edge of her mouth curled into a small frown as the car sped along with not so much of a bump in the road to make it interesting. Everything was perfect now days, even the road. She turned her head back and quickly glanced at his darkened face. Gavin’s eyes were narrow and focused on the distance, and even though there was no light except for the headlights there was still a glimmer from the moistness of them.
“Say something, please?” she asked.
Gavin blinked away the glimmer of tears and returned to the present time instead of concentrating on his own thoughts. He gave a small, saddened chuckle and looked down to the paper he held.
“Seny was so proud of this, and Zaq liked to challenge his sister to see who was better.” He reminisced.
“You sound like you’ll never see them again.”
“I won’t”
“C’mon. You don’t know that, I mean that lady could change her mind and call you after her hangover. Speaking from experience, don’t-”
“What? Do you think I don’t know anything about something like this?”
“N-no, that wasn’t what I was implying.” She said and concentrated on driving for a while before continuing, “Over the amount of time knowing you, you don’t seem like the one to give up.”
His anger snapped back from her comment about not giving up and manifested itself in a harsh smile. He held back the harsh retort boiling up to his lips and turned to look at the passing trees.
“Just talk to me, isn’t that what a friend or even a girlfriend for?” she asked.
He was caught off guard with the word ‘girlfriend’ and quickly glanced at her with a straight face. She nodded with a small smile.
“These two kids weren’t the first to come for tutoring lesions, but they were the first to actually care about their work. When their mother first contacted me she was kind, a bit gruff around the edges, but you could still see that she cared to show love. Especially to the kids…but it all changed a few weeks in and she became bossy and resentful of my life, and every time we met she...

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