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Am I My Brothers Keeper Essay

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Am I My Brothers KeeperSuppose you are out walking your German Sheppard and you notice that a man has been robbed of all his clothes and belongings and is left motionless on the side of the road for the crows. As you get closer you notice that he is seriously injured, and probably needs some sort of medical attention. Do you stop your nice relaxing walk in the sun with your dog to help the complete stranger, or continue going on your way? Speaking conditionally, this setting requires hardly any thought at all, however, situations seem to arise in which the answer becomes far more ambiguous. To be your brothers keeper in laymen's terms asks if you are held responsible for other people and their actions. To some, the question "Am I my Brothers Keeper" appears to be a situational question, however I believe it to be almost monochromic.Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel explains some of the history that surrounds this issue. He explains that even back in the time when kings ruled the land, they were not above the law. He described that if kings did not obey the laws, then they were labeled as bad kings. This notion that kings are on the same level as the people they rule holds them at the same rank with the people they preside over. This further emphasizes that everybody is responsible for his or her "brother". The simple noble man was just as responsible for the king and his actions, as the king is responsible for the noble man.From the anthology, "The Norms of Christian Ethics", it provides yet another example as to why it is important to be your brothers keeper. It states, "The covenant implies the care of one for another. It also says the covenant suggests that the welfare of each depends on the welfare of the other". In my opinion this illustrates that by caring for a person you are therefore caring for others.In Genesis 4 1-8, the story of Cain and Able explains why God expects us to be...

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