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What determines the success of a coach that is a question that has been asked for decades? Is it the numbers of wins he or she has or is it the number of years they have been coach. If this question was asked to ten different people I believe you would get ten different answers. A successful coach is not based off of the number of victories you have, but the number of lives you affect. As a coach it is important to understand that your success is based on the success of your players rather it is on the field of play or in life.
Some high school programs are designed to help teach and mentor young players, and help reinforce the beliefs they have been instilled by their parents. In order ...view middle of the document...

Granted there will be times when a coach is put in a situation that might allow him or her to become emotional and lose control. The test will be how they handle the situation; does it affect the way they coach, does it trickle down to their players. That is why a coach must be poise under pressure and not let his or her athletes see them succumb to the pressures of the coach and game pressure. That is why a coach you must have a strong character and have good communication skills because your players are watching and they will follow your lead.
A coach that has excellent characteristic and displays good values for the game they coach will have no problem motiving their players, showing compassion for their players. Coaches must understand that they are role models for their athletes and that their athletes are role models for younger athletes. They must show fairness to all players and show any favorite on his or her team. Granted your athletes might not understand that you are teaching them more than the aspect of winning, you have to teach and show them that this is where we...

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