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“Amar Sonar Bangla” The Violation Of Human Rights By Pakistan That Led To The Independence Of Bangladesh

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Welcome to the Documentary on Bangladesh independence. The independence of Bangladesh was established after victory in the Bangladesh Liberation War. The Bangladesh Liberation War had started on March 26, 1971 but the seed of Bangladesh’s independence was planted many years before in 1947, when the British Empire left the Indian sub-continent.
Indian sub-continent was a British colony for close to two hundred years. After the Second World War faced with intense independence movement in India led my Mohandas Gandhi, the British government decided to leave India. As the British left India, they broke the subcontinent into different countries based mainly on religion and ethnicity. The countries were, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan (Picture of Indian subcontinent). Among the countries, Pakistan was created with unique setting. It had two wings, East and West Pakistan separated by one thousand miles of Indian Territory (Picture of East and West Pakistan). Only thing that bound the people in East and West Pakistan was their religion, Islam. They had different culture, different language, and different history.
As a result, conflicts between the two parts of Pakistan started early. The first issue was the language. In 1948, leader of the Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah demanded in Dhaka that Urdu would be the only official language of Pakistan, even though Bengali was mother tongue for the majority of the people in the East Pakistan. On February 21, 1952 seven students were killed in a fierce protest near Dhaka Medical College. As a result of this massacre, February 21st is recognized as the International Mother Language Day by the United Nations. It is observed each year to emphasize the importance of the Bengali language.
First National Election in Pakistan
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, leader of the Awami League, won a mudslide victory in the national elections in 1971 and demanded independence for East Pakistan. The party won a majority in the national assembly. This victory also gave it the right to form a government, but the Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto refused to let Sheikh become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This initiated the war. The Sheik gave a speech on March 7, 1971 when he advised the people to...

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