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Amazing Essay

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AnthropologyMechanisms of EvolutionEvolutionary BiologyLife on earthSpeciesAverage human brain: 1350gChimpanzee brain: 400gProcess of ChangeGradual change through time in a lineageSplitting of lineages into new speciesAverage species time = 2-3 million yearsProcesses of evolutionMicroevolutionShort termMacroevolutionLong termModern era of evolutionary biologyEnd of early era: 1963Ernst mayrAnimal Species and EvolutionDarwin = change in lineage through timeErnst Mayr, 1904-2005Systematics and the Origin of Species, 1942Critical of early mathematical approachesSpeciationMechanisms of evolutionNew species = speciationSome group gets isolatedMutationNatural selectionGenetic drift (chance ...view middle of the document...

Punctuated Equilibrium

Phyletic gradualism

Punctuated equilibrium


Slow, constant

Rapid, sporadic


Darwinian; natural selection; microevolution


EvolutionStasis is realDiversity arises at speciationScalingLaw of 72AllometryChange in size and shapeEvolutionMicroevolutionMacroevolutionProcess between the two is the same, only the speed and time differsAltruismAltruistic behaviorGenetic relatednessKids share 50% of genes from mother and 50% of genes from fatherJ.B.S. Haldane"I would be willing to die for 2 brothers, 4 uncles, or 8 cousins."He is saying how closely related we are to our familyHamilton's Rule (1964)W.D. Hamilton, 1936-2000INCLUSIVE FITNESSTwo ways to pass on genes:Your kidsYour relatives' kidsC < R x BC = cost, R = genetic relatedness between you and the recipient of you altruism, B = recipient of your altruismThe more relatives you have the more important they are to you in terms of genesProcesses and mechanisms(Process) Natural...

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