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Amazing And Thrilling Adventure With Ayung River Rafting

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Amazing and Thrilling Adventure with Ayung River Rafting
Bali is identical with beautiful beaches and religious temples. For those who often visit Bali and enjoy its tourist destinations, they may be monotonous places to come. There are quite lot natural adventure attractions at Bali such as tracking to mountains, driving buggy to forest or rafting in the river wild. You may want to try the rafting adventure at the Ayung River that offer thrilling yet fun experience on an inflatable boat trying to tame the strong current of Ayung River.
The location of rafting adventure is located at Ayung River in Ubud area at Bali. There are actually three location of rafting attraction in Bali, Telaga Waja, Melangid River and Ayung River. Ayung River is the largest river in Bali and the best sight at the river is that you can see some carvings that picture the story of Ramayana. Ramayana is the great Hindu epics telling of the exile of Rama from his kingdom and the kidnapping of his wife by a demon, Rahwana, and how Rama restores his throne. These carvings carved for about 1 km along the riverside. You will see great and beautiful hotels and resorts on the way going down the river.
In participating this attraction, you are better to make a reservation to the management so you will be provided with transportation from your hotel, instruction, and gears. However, you are allowed to take package without hotel transfer if you want to go there by your own car. This is great if you want to go somewhere else after having rafting without going back to hotel.
This attraction, however, depend on the weather and condition of the river. You will be informed if there is bad weather in the location so you will be re-scheduled. There are several schedules of the attraction and the earliest schedule is 7 in the morning.
Arriving at the meeting point, you will be given instructions about safety, tips if you fall into the river and other important strategy. All safety gears are provided by the crews so you do not carry anything. You will have to wear helmet and safety vest and each person is provided with a paddle to steer the boat. After briefs and instructions, you will have to walk to the river by following down stairs down to the canyon. It is a long way down with slippery stone stairs with hundreds of steps to go to the starting point. It is already a tiring and hard work to reach the river. There are already several inflatable boats there waiting the passengers to challenge their adrenaline.
You need a fit and healthy body condition to try this amazing trip...

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