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In today’s society, divorce has become extremely common and normal in our lives. In Canada, the divorce rate is an unfortunate 48%, and in the United States it is 58% (Feldstein, 2013). The impact of divorce on children has been well documented. Many studies conclude that the quality of the pre and post-divorce parental relationship is the most important factor in mediating the long-term effects of divorce on children and adolescents (White, Martin, Bartolic, 2013). The main critique that is common in all of the articles being looked at is the lack of diversity among familial marriages such as homosexual couples. The disruption of a child’s overall physical and mental health is at risk ...view middle of the document...

Although this research is very advantageous, there are countless aspects that are missing or are limited. If the article/study included research on gay couples and the effect that divorce has on their children, it could have expanded the understanding of the research. It is important to look at all couples including gay, straight and stepparents in order to really fully understand the effect that divorce has on children. Another limitation that was evident in the research is that there is a potential bias among the participants. The use of a university student sample may introduce biases by under representing individuals with emotional, intellectual, financial, or social difficulties (Finley and Schwartz, 2013). Also, there was an overrepresentation of ethnic minorities (Hispanic), which is not consistent with the population of the United States, which was where the study was done. The article clearly supports the thesis of the paper because the study was about the impact that divorce has on children and adolescents and did not include homosexual couples in the research. This article is in direct agreement with the other articles because all three studies done found that there are countless negative effects of divorce on children and adolescents.

The purpose of the second article being analyzed is to study the impact of marital status history on parent’s attitudes toward the impact of divorce on children. The researcher, Michelle Moon, gathered 232 participants, aged 21-67, who were either currently married or divorced with at least one child who was younger than 18 years old (Moon, 2011). The study found that the participants who were married with parents who were also married indicated more negative views towards to divorce, than those parents who were divorced. Even the participants who were divorced and whose parents were also divorced thought that there are negative effects on children of divorce, although not as much as the married participants thought (Moon, 2011).
The first critique of this study is that it only included the parents’ perspectives on how children deal with divorce and the impact it has on them (Moon, 2011). It would have been ideal to include children and adolescents’ views on how divorce has had an impact on them. Unlike the first article, this study used a variety of places to gather their participants including schools, community organizations and businesses (Moon, 2011). Another limitation of this study is the lack of any research done on any sort of positive effect of divorce, such as the happiness children feel when their parents get a divorce which causes them to stop fighting and hurting each other as well as the child. Similar to the other...

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