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Amazon Business Process Essay

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I. Amazon Business Process
Emphasizing on customer centricity, Amazon optimizes all of their processes to make it easier for the customer to decide and buy the product, and to make it as cheap to the customers’ as possible.

There are multiple ways which Amazon makes the Business Process easier, faster, and more accessible to all of its customers.

Firstly, Amazon utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to put their website in the cloud to optimize the speed of using the website. This greatly optimizes speed for both internal use, and also for customer use. Even customers wanting to rent the servers from the AWS can and they do find using this service is faster and much cheaper than setting up ...view middle of the document...

To make things even better for customers, Amazon allows individual and corporate sellers to sell their products in Amazon, and Amazon highlights the deals with the best prices, in addition to their own.

Fourthly, Amazon’s patent “1-click” ordering option, which uses the customer’s previously entered information needed to fulfil the purchase, which includes the payment option/method, location/address, etc. This saves customers time and the hassle of re-entering the information.

And lastly, Amazon’s employees working in both the FCs and the customer support keep taking Kaizen courses, which is Japanese for “change for the best” or “improvement” from famous organizations like Toyota and other Japanese institutes. The purpose internally is to reduce waste and deficiencies, which in turn, reduces the cost for both the customers and Amazon (Amazon Web Services 2012.) Bezos himself took some customer support classes and dealt with some customers in the support center personally, and was able to fix problems at their root so they do not occur in the future.

Overall, Amazon does a fantastic job making their business process to be easy and efficient for both the customers and for internal affairs.

II. Innovation Strategy
Amazon’s innovation strategy is heavily influenced by their vision, which is “Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build...

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