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Ever wonder why the climate has been changing lately? Do you want to know why global warming has started to become a bigger issue? well here are some of the reasons linked to these recent changes in the world all around. The world’s climate has been changing and this is causing the Amazon to release more carbon dioxide than it is absorbing, This is causing the Atlantic Ocean to rise in temperature because of the climate change, The dry time is putting all the vegetation at risk of dieback and global warming will continue to be an issue if the amazon keeps letting off gases, This is causing the health of the plants to be down, they are losing their color, with the help of NASA using their ...view middle of the document...

Scientists have been using past data from the ice ages and the climate during that time to determine how the climate will continue to change into the future. It seems that using past data from years ago is showing that the climate patterns almost go in a cycle.
In the Amazon the plants are at a high risk of die back because of the long dry season and little rainfall, There are loggers and farmers who have came through and cleared trees and vegetation out in the forest. The bare areas of the forest store very little carbon and it pulls the rain from all the plants which is threatening the whole Amazon rainforest. If these causes to this problem don’t stop then the rainforest will not survive. Losing the rainforest will disrupt animal and plant communities in the area. The more stress that there is on the plants, the more exposed they are to fire, no matter how wet or dry the season is (“Risk”). The health of the plants isn’t what it used to be the drought has caused the plants to lose their green color. “This area that is being affected is more than 3 ½ times the size of the state of Texas” (Liang Xu). The Rainforest could end up being replaced with woody plants or grassy fields. Even after the drought was over the plants still had never turned back to their normal state of health (“NASA”). Animals and people will be affected if the Amazon were to die, The plants put oxygen in the air and is a home to many exotic animals.
NASA has done a big part in discovering the issues in the Amazon. They have been using their satellites to try and measure the health of the...

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