Amazon.Com And The Secret To Its Success

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Amazon is an online company that since its debut in 1995, has taken the world by storm. It exploded into popularity making an astonishing $147.8 million in sales within 3 years, causing all other online companies run for cover. Any company that didn’t run fast enough was swallowed up by them. Over its history, Amazon has bought around 45 companies an currently its only major competitors is E-Bay’s auction house and the very popular Brick and Mortar bookstore, Barnes and Noble (Borders lost the race). Now, you may ask what makes Amazon so popular? What is it is secret to it is success? According to Amazon, it believes that “it is main competitive factors…include “selection, price ...view middle of the document...

in order to cut out the middleman and sell their items at the cheapest price possible. Also since Amazon is online and not a brick and mortar company, it does not have to pay for rent, electricity, etc. (I am not counting their warehouses). Since the prices are lower, more money comes in and as a result, Amazon can make more items available, which results in more sales. Another important aspect to all of this is the convenience in which customers can purchase the items.
Amazon has been one of the most innovative companies today when it comes to E-Commerce. Amazon’s goal has always been “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators”. Innovations that Amazon has invented for consumers include. 1 click shopping, its free super saver shipping (free shipping for orders over $25), look inside book, search inside book, and its wish list feature, which is open to be viewed by friends and family. Additionally Amazon has an amazing search and browse function where you can find any item you want within seconds. It doesn’t...

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