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About In July 1995, the time when the Internet usage was growing at 2300 percent a year, Jeffery Bezos launched his venture,, on the Internet. By the end of 1996, his firm was one of the most successful Web retailers, with revenues reaching $15.6 million. As revenues surged quarter after quarter, Bezos decided to take his company public. To date, his attempts to transform the traditional book-retailing format through technology that taps the interactive nature of the Internet has been very successful. Now is growing to become the center of e-commerce. However, continues to face many formidable challenges such as big competition in the industry, building up the unique core competencies to compete with the competing businesses and keeping up with the new developing technologies.External Environments: Opportunities and Threats The competition in the Internet business is very high because there are almost no barriers to entry due to the flexible and non- regulated environment. The suppliers, which in this case are the publishers, can exert power over firms because they are a credible threat to integrate forward into the book-selling industry, by dealing directly with customers. There is also the potential for publishers to be ¡°disintermediated,¡± because computer literate writers can now publish and distribute their own works online and eliminate the existence of the physical books. This increases the substitute products and the bargain power of the customers because instead of getting a book, customers can search the Internet and read what those computer literate writers had published, at no cost. Also, the competition in this industry is very vigorous. For example, is expanding their selection to become the center of e-commerce, and Barnes and Noble reacted to action by concentrating in gaining a larger share of the retail book market. These conditions of the external environment factors are forcing to become more focused on the needs of their customers in order to retain a more direct relationship with their customers and possibly to reduce the bargain power.Opportunities are plentiful in the world of e-commerce. Since is an Internet retailer, web advertising gives it a unique opportunity to track the success of an ad by the number of click-troughs to the store¡¯s Web site and the number of Internet surfers who actually purchase something. Also, today the Internet is a powerful media for shopping where no physical store is necessary. The users on the Internet are growing each day and the rapid growth of the on-line businesses is spreading to book publishing and retailing.On the other hand, some external environment factors become as threats to the company. On of the threats that is facing is that he company needs to be constantly in touch with the latest technology to help them provide the best service possible....

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707 words - 3 pages a personal history of each customers' purchasing behavior, lifestyle, and demographics. Being able to know this information will give the edge to cater to customers and ensure loyalty by being able to reward customer with special incentives. This in turn will optimize customer relationships and increase's profitability.Based on a business analysis using the SWOT format, a course of action to respond to's Essay

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1071 words - 4 pages is the wonder company of the web. It is the one stop shopping gate to books, videos and music. However, as CEO Jeff Bezos will reluctantly admit, the company has some major issues. The report of sales for the year 2000 showed a thirty percent increase in the sale of books, music and videos over the previous year but was down from a growth rate of 122% between 1998 and 1999. Total revenue increased by 127% in 2000. Regardless, the

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911 words - 4 pages traditional business model. (Assume that Exhibits 4 and 7 in the case reflect average discounts of 10% off list price for Barnes & Noble's traditional bookstores and 25% off list for the online bookseller.)In the short-run we typically focus on marginal costs that a business has to provide just the next unit of goods, while in a long-run analysis we look at a time frame that allows major decisions such as entry or exit of markets. The long-run Exploiting the Value of Digital Business Infrastructure

885 words - 4 pages MEMORANDUMDate: 04/03/07To: Professor From: Tue 7.15 PMSubject: " Exploiting the Value of Digital Business Infrastructure" Analysis.1) If Amazon has helped usher in the "New Age of Retail" how has it used its technology infrastructure to make this happen? Do not recount extensive details from the case. But consider how Amazon moved from vision to infrastructure and how the infrastructure has evolved to lead, enable or address changes

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516 words - 2 pages Case Study On Amazon.comE-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. This covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer-based retail sites like, through auction and music sites like eBay or, to business exchanges trading goods or services between corporations. Electronic Commerce has

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1060 words - 4 pages -retailing.In this section of the paper titled, I will discuss SWOT analysis based on a report conducted by eRetailNews. The Internet Retailing Report titled "New vs. Old: The battle between traditional retail and dotcoms", eRetailNews 2000-11, ISSN: 159-2959. Additionally, I will discuss marketing and business strategies, the trends and forces in the online business-2-consumers industries, technology and Case study

2808 words - 11 pages was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994, after the former investment banker left New York for Seattle with the idea of creating an online bookstore. He launched the Web site the following July with the idea of selling books to a mass audience through the Internet. In many ways, is perhaps the company that is most closely tied with the E-Commerce phenomenon. The Seattle, WA based company has grown from a book

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Amazon.Com Case Analysis

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