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Amazon.Com: The Three Marketing Measures That The World’s Leading Online Retailer Focused On To Get Them Where They Are Today

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The coastal city of Seattle Washington, which is appropriately nicknamed “The Emerald City”, is proudly regarded to as home sweet home to hundreds of thousands of American citizens. In addition to being home to many everyday individuals from all walks of life, the city is also the origin of a rather large amount of world-renowned famous figures such as a wide array of musicians, Starbucks, Nordstrom, MLB's Seattle Mariners, and of course the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. However, the average person would not guess that the figure that has, as of recent years, really placed the landmark city in front of the world’s spotlight is online retailer “What makes Amazon such a big deal”, you may ask? Well, the company has been named and recognized over the last couple of years as not just the nation’s number one online retailer but also “the biggest online store on the planet” (O'Connor).
Amazon, which is headquartered in the city’s South Lake Union neighborhood, was started from the ground up in 1994 by Jeff Bezos a very intelligent internet entrepreneur and investor. Bezos envisioned his company to have a somewhat mass market appeal here in the U.S. instead of aiming to cater to a specific market niche. For instance, nearly all internet users are included in their target market as long as they have access to the internet, a device that is capable of accessing the internet (computer, smart phone, or tablet), and a credit card or debit card. They have combined this very impressive marketing plan with their website’s offering up of a large selection of products and an almost equal amount of sellers operating as partners or 3rd party affiliates. All of this has helped provide the company with a good amount of points of differences among their rivals and has earned them an estimated “225 million customers (from) around the world” (Rose).
So how exactly did Amazon become this pinnacle of success that they are today? What exact steps or marketing measures did they take? Well, it would definitely be very difficult to pinpoint just about every marketing ingredient that they have used. As many in the business world have noticed, the company has effectively utilized many marketing maneuvers to fulfill their marketing concept and goals. However, in my opinion, there are three very distinctive marketing techniques that have caused the greatest impact for them. The techniques that I feel were most crucial to their success are site ease and simplicity, overwhelming product breadth and depth, and the conscious and diligent stance of taking direct measures to satisfy the daily needs of their millions of customers.
When speaking of Amazon’s use of site simplicity and ease, it is apparent that they have placed a precise and substantial emphasis on it which makes it a key factor to where they are now as the nation's top online retailer. It is well known within the marketing environment how extremely important it is for retailers to strive to ensure...

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