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Amazon Evolution PaperBIS/219May 19, 2011Amazon Evolution is currently the largest online retailer and has demonstrated a viable business model throughout its tenure. In this case study the subject is to analyze this company's business strategy, competitive advantage and business model. It is also important to review and evaluate's website and its alignment with the business strategy. An analysis of the company's financial and business summary is a point of interest because it has not shown consistent profit growth in recent years with the market becoming more competitive. Legal and security issues can create technology challenges. The analysis of will consider these key points.Advances in technology have created environments in which businesses can operate in a non-traditional manner. The Internet is one such invention in which advances and innovations help create this environment. has revolutionized the way business is done by establishing its dominance in the E-business industry. This business strategy used today by enables it to be "the global leader in E-commerce" (, 2011) and in ones opinion, the foreseeable future.From the start in 1995, sold books from a basic website to offering customers a wide range of products and services in as little time as possible. To stay on top, had to invent many processes and procedures that give them a competitive advantage over other established or emerging firms. states: "our architects and engineers have had to advance research in directions that no academic had yet taken. Many of the problems we face have no textbook solutions, and so we -- happily -- invent new approaches" (, 2011). The patents and secrets to the ever-evolving complexity of the organization have caught the interest of big name traditional brick and mortar organizations. offers its E-commerce platforms to these organizations who seek to add the strategy of E-commerce to their existing plan. The concept of E-business is young but the technology and innovations that continues to develop are paving the way to the future of this industry. The competition grows bigger and bigger but to keep the competitive advantage that has established, the need for newer, faster, and more efficient technologies is also growing.The most important part of Amazon's business model is that, Amazon uses the Internet as its only platform to do business with its customers. For Amazon, the Internet is definitely been a strategic advantage over its competitors, but it also poses a disadvantage for the company. By using the Internet, the company does not have to shell out money for store front operations. This gave Amazon an advantage over its early competitors such as Borders and Barnes and Nobles. In Amazon's early years, it was...

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