Amber Ware 10/18/2002 The Life Of Hilaire Edgar Degas I Was

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Amber Ware 10/18/2002 THE LIFE OF HILAIRE-EDGAR DEGAS I was born the nineteenth of July in 1834, at Eight Rue Saint-George in Paris. My father was a French banker named Pierre Auguste Hyacinte, and my mother was a wealthy Colonial American from New Orleans named Celestine Musson. My family wanted to sound more aristocratic so they changed my family name from Degas to De Gas; this showed a name derived from land holdings. Although in 1870 I changed my name back to the original form. I started elementary school in 1845 at Louis-le-Grand. Tragically my mother died in 1847 when I was 13 years old. My father and I were alone for the first time.In 1853 I graduated from High School. I began to have an interest in art, so I gave up my law studies to study art. I started attending assiduously Louvre and "Cabinet des Estampes", at "BibliotheQue Nationale". A room in my house was turned into a studio for me to do my work. First I studied the work of Felix-Joseph Barrias, and then I became a pupil of Lois Lamothe in 1854.I then received permission to copy paintings at the Lourve in Paris. In the nineteenth -century artist copied paintings by old masters in order to develop their own skills. While I was growing up I admired Jean Auguste Ingres and his great art using his memory for drawing.I began to realize how much I loved art. I traveled to different places to study these arts and discovered many new things. I started my artistic studies with Louis Lamothes, a pupil of Ingres; he stressed the importance of drawing from memory. I started classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. I left in 1854 to go to I Italy for 5 years. While I was there I studied the Italian art, especially those of the Renaissance. I returned to Paris in 1859 painting portraits of family and friends. In 1855 I met the man I admired the most, Ingres, my favorite artist.In 1860 I was painting racehorses and visited the races often. In 1868 I finally began getting recognition as an artist. Ballet had caught my interest and many of my paintings consisted of ballerina's.On July 19, 1870 the Franco-prussian War begins, and I volunteered for the National Guard. The commune lasts only two months. My eyesight also started giving me...

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