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Ambitious Saddam Hussein And Macbeth Essay

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Ambitious leads to power, yet if one abuses his or her ambitious andpower, the result would be devastating and corruptive. Recently on the news, Iraqi leader,Saddam Hussein, is one of the good example of ambitious run wild and corruption ofpower.Before Saddam Hussein became the president of Iraq, he was aDeputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. Saddam continued toconsolidate his power by appointing numerous family members to positions of authorityin Iraqi government. Using his position of Deputy in charge of internal security, he builtan enormous ...view middle of the document...

With the help of his security network and several personal assassins, Saddamtook control of many of the nation's leading business.On July 16, 1979, President Bakr resigned, officially due to healthproblems, but in reality a victim of Hussein's political in fighting. Moving quickly toconsolidate his power, he took many people who considered dangers to him intocustodies. A few days later, reports indicated that as many as 450 other parties officialshad been killed. Those purges insured Saddam's power in Iraq.Saddam has lasted longer than previous Iraq dictators because hehas been the most ruthless and ambitious. He has not even hesitated to have familymembers executed if he considered them traitors. He nevertheless relied on relatives tomain his power. During his time as president of Iraq, he conducted war with Iran andoccupied Kuwait. He even ordered his troops to apply chemical weapons against theKurdish (Iraqi minority) in the northern part of the country. Thousands of Kurdishs wereslaughtered in an hour by the deadly gas.Saddam Hussein's successful career as a tyrant was ended bycoalition troops. Most Saddam's Armies, like Macbeth's, surrounded without fighting.He was a modern day figure modeling of Hitler and Stalins. Fortunately, Saddam's powerhad corrupted in Iraq, and hopefully, people would learn not to be as ambitious as him

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