Ambulance Service Administration System Software Used With Vehicle To Infrastructure Technology

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What is Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technology?
Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technology is technology that allows cars to communicate with infrastructure elements, like stop lights. Vehicular Network is getting to be progressively well known lately, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure portable correspondence can give incredible assortment of practical applications.
My proposal to First Medics, Inc. will incorporate point by point data in respect to emergency response administrations systems (or Computer Aided Dispatching) with V2I technology and what amount of improvement joining it will give.
Vehicle-2-Infrastructure communication
“Vehicle-2-Infrastructure communication: 1.) Improves travel time and safety of emergency vehicles, 2.) Emergency vehicles do not have to violate red lights and overtake other vehicles, 3.) Drivers of other vehicles also benefit from the Vehicle 2 Infrastructure since they give priority to emergency vehicles automatically 4.) Vehicle-to-intersection communication holds the potential for radically reducing collisions.” (
A number of cars, trucks and buses equipped with “connected” Wi-Fi technology to enable vehicles and infrastructure to “talk” to each other in real time to help avoid crashes and improve traffic flow.
The emergency response vehicles are equipped with mobile data terminals, or MDTs, which are computers that communicate with the dispatcher's computer.
Mobile Vehicle Technology and the Parties Involved
Mobile vehicle communication technology and the parties involved in bringing it to fruition include but are not limited to the following:
Mobile Vehicle Communication between vehicles and infrastructure is operated using different technologies.
1. DSRC - Dedicated Short-Range Communication protocol defined in IEEE 1609
2. LTE - Long Term Evolution is a 4G wireless communications standard
3. WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network provides short-range wireless high-speed data connections between devices
The DSRC protocol is most likely to be use in a non-emergency service environment. This technology uses an in-vehicle device that continuously talks to vehicles and different types of roadway infrastructure which has a similar device. It is my understanding it is most common in a Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) application opposed to Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I).
While LTE is actually possible but require subscription expenses. The Government has found some way of getting around these charges. The FCC endorses LTE as technology of choice for public safety broadband. They have dedicated the 700MHz band to Emergency Services i.e., police, fire departments, medical, and so on. Dedication to this band gives them secure and dependable access to an extensive variety of information and video feature capabilities. (

Vehicle-2-Infrastructure at work using–Cisco NERV
Satellite-Based Connectivity
The Cisco created satellite dish they call NERV which provides up to...

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