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Inevitably, there comes a point in everybody’s life at which they have an experience that completely alters their view of the world. This moment is when one loses his or her innocence, or comes of age, and he or she realizes that they do not live in a utopian Golden Age. Parents are charged with the monumental duty of protecting their children’s innocence, but everybody inescapably grows up. This experience can be anything from an embarrassing situation at school to coming within seconds of death. In the short story “Ambush” by Tim O’Brien, the author tells the true story of his daughter confronting him and asked him if he had ever killed anyone. In an effort to be a good parent and protect the nine-year-old’s innocence, the author does not share with her the story he goes on to tell to the reader. He explains how many years ago, he was serving in the army and was taking a shift guarding his troop’s campsite when all of a sudden, a young man from the opposing army came walking up the trail. Without a second thought, O’Brien killed the boy with a grenade, and he lost his innocence after realizing he had killed a defenseless man without hesitation. Tim O’Brien develops Ambush as a coming of age story through the use of literary devices.
The author uses a lengthy exposition to explain how he lost his innocence many years ago. When his daughter ambushes him with her statement, “…I guess you must’ve killed somebody,” he simply replies with, “Of course not” (131). However, he then details for the reader his experience of throwing a grenade and killing an enemy soldier from back when he was in the military. This story is Ambush’s exposition – when an author provides the reader with necessary background information. Tim O’Brien summarizes his exposition by saying, “He was a short, slender man of about twenty. I was afraid of him – afraid of something – and as he passed me on the trail I threw a grenade at his feet and killed him.” This background information is significant because it shows how the author remembers the experience extremely clearly, and it still haunts him to this day. The moment of one’s loss of innocence is not something he or she forgets very easily. It additionally shows how prior to killing the man, the author was able to see a more human side of the soldier as he threw the grenade, and he especially noticed his young age. Before his innocence was lost, he could not fully understand the dehumanizing effects of war, and he regretted not sparing the defenseless man’s life. He also is trying to convince himself that what he did was not so bad – he was afraid of something – because he knows in his heart that what he did to the man was cruel. The author lost his innocence at this moment when he realized that in war, humans are not treated like humans, and helpless people die without anyone giving their lives a second thought. The exposition, which accounted for the majority of the story, perfectly illustrated how the...

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