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Many people in history have encouraged people today to do many different things. One that encourages women more than anything is Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart broke many records in flying, first woman to ride across the Atlantic, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, first woman to fly from Hawaii to California, first woman to fly across America, and many more. She showed people that if you put your mind up to something, you can do anything. No matter how scary something sounded, Amelia was up for the task. Amelia knew that flying was considered very dangerous for women, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. If she wanted to fly, she would fly.
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It was too late to stop, so Amelia steered right under the horse. She went right under the horse, and nobody was hurt. Later, looking back on that day, Amelia decided that the boy’s method of sledding had saved her life.
The first time Amelia saw a plane; she was eleven and was at the Iowa State Fair. She didn’t really think much of the plane, because she was too busy going on the Ferris wheel and riding cute little ponies. What she didn’t know is that plane would encourage her to do many things she would’ve never thought about doing before. She saw the plane a few more times growing up, but never thought that much of it, to her it was just another cool sight. Amelia didn’t know it at the time, but the airplane, would soon become Amelia’s passion, job, and cause of death.
During Amelia’s teenage years, her family was constantly moving. Edwin was stressed with all the moving, and he developed a very serious drinking problem. Edwin’s drinking problem caused him to lose his job, which meant the Earhart family would have to move once again. Over these few years, they lived in Kansas City, Des Moines, St, Paul, and Chicago. Amelia went to six different high schools, each one losing and making new friends. When Amelia was looking back on her teenage years, she knew that there were positives and negatives about moving so much. The positive was learning how to adapt to new situations and environments. The negative was always being separated from friends, having to make new friends, and getting used to news school systems and teachers.
Amelia went to a college preparatory school near Philadelphia. During her last year there, she went to visit Muriel in Toronto, Canada over Christmas break. America was just beginning to fight in World War l, and Amelia decided to stay a while and volunteer as a nurse’s aide. All the injured soldiers enjoyed Amelia’s time, because she was so happy and she brought light wherever she went. Amelia would spend time with each of the soldiers; she would entertain each one of them greatly. She honestly loved volunteering, and decided to go to medical school when she returned home. She would spend her spare time riding horses with Muriel, or watching her former patients fly at the airfield.
When the war was over Amelia returned to the United States and enrolled at Columbia University as a premedical student. After her first year of premedical school, Amelia went to visit her parents in Los Angeles, California. It was the summer of 1920. Airshows were a very popular weekend entertainment, so Amelia decided to go to one. She loved it! She went to all the air shows and circuses she could find, she even brought her father to a few. Soon after that, she took her first ride in an airplane. She then knew that flying was for her. She was determined to get her flying license and buy her own plane. Amelia stayed in Los Angeles for four years. In those years she accomplished three of her dreams, with a little bit of help from her mother,...

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