Amelia Earhart: A Biography About The Woman Aviator.

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Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart was born on 24 July 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Her flying career began in Los Angeles in 1921 when, at age 24, she took flying lessons from Neta Snook and bought her first airplane-- a Kinner Airstar. Due to family problems, she sold her airplane in 1924 and moved back East, where she took employment as a social worker. Four years later, she returned to aviation bought an Avro Avian airplane and became the first woman to make a solo-return transcontinental flight. From then on, she continued to set and break her own speed and distance records, in competitive events, as well as personal stunts promoted by her husband George Palmer Putnam.Earhart's name became a household word in 1932 when she became the first woman--and second person--to fly solo across the Atlantic, on the fifth anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's feat, flying a Lockheed Vega from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland to Londonderry, Ireland. That year, she received the Distinguished Flying Cross from the Congress, the Cross of Knight of the Legion of Honor from the French Government, and the Gold Medal of the National Geographic Society from President Hoover.In January 1935 Earhart became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to Oakland, California. Later that year she soloed from Los Angeles to Mexico City and back to Newark, N.J. In July 1936 she took delivery of a Lockheed 10E "Electra," financed by Purdue University, and started planning her round-the-world flight.Earhart's flight would not be the first to circle the globe, but it would be the longest--29,000 miles, following an equatorial route. On March 17, 1937 she flew the first leg, from Oakland, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. As the flight resumed three days later, a tire blew on takeoff and Earhart ground-looped the plane. Severely damaged, the aircraft had to be shipped back to California for repairs, and the flight was called off. The second attempt would begin at Miami, this time to fly from West to East; Fred Noonan, a former Pan Am...

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1655 words - 7 pages Amelia Earhart Many fantastic aviators have shown their talents throughout the centuries. Americans have been fascinated, time after time, with the ability to fly. One woman in particular took her fascinations and abilities and became one of the greatest aviators of her time. Amelia Earhart was a very famous, record-setting woman aviator. Amelia, while on her around the world flight in 1937, disappeared and left many people, even today, trying

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919 words - 4 pages When 10-year-old Amelia Mary Earhart saw her first plane at a state fair, she was not impressed. It wasn't until Earhart attended a stunt-flying exhibition, almost a decade later, that she became seriously interested in aviation. A pilot spotted Earhart and her friend, who were watching from an isolated clearing, and dove at them. Earhart, who felt a mixture of fear and pleasure, stood her ground. As the plane swooped by, something inside her

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1998 words - 8 pages admire her value of courage; she even wrote a poem about courage because she wanted to drive women's courage to fly. Her flying passion pushed her to form a flying organization that consisted of ninety nine women which later came to be known as the Ninety-Nines. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24th, 1897 in a wealthy neighborhood that is located near Missouri River. Her parents were Edwin and Amy Earhart. Amelia grew up as an adventurous child

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901 words - 4 pages ."Those were the words of Amelia Earhart in a poem she wrote, entitled "Courage." Amelia Earhart knew a lot about courage. Even when faced with impossible odds, she always had the courage to try and overcome them. She had a never give up attitude that made her so attractive to the public and took the science community by surprise. Without that attitude, she would never have been invited to make her first flight across the Atlantic ocean on June 3rd