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"By the time I had gotten two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly," were the words of Amelia Earhart that she expressed soon after she rode an airplane for the first time. Amelia Earhart was the first lady who flew across the Atlantic during her solo flight. She is known for her many records, accomplishments, and achievements. Her achievements are still remembered today, for she is a global inspiration to women. Many still admire her value of courage; she even wrote a poem about courage because she wanted to drive women's courage to fly. Her flying passion pushed her to form a flying organization that consisted of ninety nine women which later came to be known as the ...view middle of the document...

However, Mr. Earhart, who was an alcoholic, became more addicted to alcohol. This worried Amelia, for Amelia regarded her father as a special man. For instance, when her father wrote her a letter, which began with a word that she struggled to understand, she kept and cherished the letter. She wrote a note about her father," I thought my father must have read everything and, of course, therefore knew everything. He could define the hardest words as well as the dictionary, and we used to try to trip and he to bewilder us. I still have a letter he wrote me beginning, "Dear parallelepipedon," which sent me scurrying for a definition." Thus, the letter illustrates her extreme adoration towards her father. In fact, after her parents were separated, she was worried and concerned about it all through her teenage years.
Ever since she was a child, Amelia enjoyed playing basketball and activities which involved animals and roller coasters. She loved going to caves where she spent most of her time reading. She never was careless in fulfilling her best effort as she was a high school student; she was a responsible student in Hyde Park High, who participated in her school's basketball team. Other hobbies, which she did more often, included horse riding and tennis.
Amelia graduated from her high school, Hyde Park High, in 1916. Afterwards, she attended Columbia University in New York where she pursued her medical studies; she became interested in medicine after being a nurse volunteer at Spactina Military Hospital in Canada. She mostly aided immigrants during World War I. As she was living in New York, Amy Earhart paid for Amelia's education because she was divorced from her husband and could only use inheritance money to pay for her children's education. She also studied in Curtiss School of Aviation in California because since she was a child, she was amazed by airplanes flying around and their outstanding movements in the air; thus, it triggered Amelia to become a pilot when she became an adult. However, she was now independent and had to pay for her aviation education in order to become a pilot, and faced money obstacles. Therefore, she urged herself to participate in a community center in Boston and was also a social event organizer.
Amelia Earhart was involved in a variety of service works when she was a young adult. For example, during World War I, she volunteered to help nurses. Her inspirations that triggered her to become a pilot started when she was eleven-years- old she saw airplanes flying, doing tricks and movements in the air. She was amazed by how fast these airplanes were. In 1927, she was inspired by Charles Lindbergh's flying record, for he was the first person who ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
Amelia Earhart had done several outdoor activities before she became a pilot and was interested to pursue a profession in aviation career. One of her daring adventures was sledding under a wagon! Because aviation was her number one interest...

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