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Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 and lived on her grandparents' homein Atchison, Kansas with her sister Muriel. They both went to private schools andAmelia graduated from Hyde Park School in 1916.In the fall of 1919 Amelia enrolled as a pre-med student at Columbia University.In 1920, she decided to join her mother and her father in California. But her sisters didnot want to join them.Several months after her arrival in California Amelia and her father went to the"aerial meet" at Daugherty Field in Long Beach. She then became very interested inflying. The next day, given her helmet and goggles, she boarded the open-cockpit biplanefor a 10 minute flight over Los Angeles.Amelia began lessons with pioneer aviatrix Anita "Neat" Snook at Kenner Fieldnear Long Beach. They both had the same integrants and the same background.In July Amelia purchased a prototype of the Kenner airplane. She named it "TheCanary". She had many faulted accidents during this period of time. That was because ofthe unreliability engines and slowness of the planes.In October 1922, Amelia began participating in record breaking attempts and sera women's altitude record of 14,000 feet then, broken in a few weeks by Ruth Nichols.Amelia later sold her plane and perused a car. A Kisser that she nicknames "theyellow peril". She drove her mother cross-country to Boston.In autumn 1925, Amelia took a position at Denison House in Boston as a "novice"social worker and was later employed as a staff member. She joined the Boston Chapterof the National Aeronautic Association, and invested what little money she had in acompany that would build an airport and market Kenner airplanes in Boston. Sheregularly became the subject of columns in newspapers.On April 27, 1926 germ life was changed. A phone call front Captain H.H. Rileyasked "how would you like to be the first women to fly across the Atlantic?"H.H. Riley was asked by George Palmer Putnam, a New York publisher, to findwomen to make a trans-Atlantic flight. No women had so far flown across the Atlantic.Riley, having been struck by Amelia's strong resemblance to Charles Lindbergh, coinedthe name"Lady Lindy".A week later, Amelia met with George Putnam in New York. George was said tohave been so impressed by her at the meeting that decided Amelia should be the womanto make the flight. Amelia accepted the offer although she would only be a passenger onthe flight.On Sunday, June 3, 1928 after waiting several days for the weather to clear, theFriendship left for Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bad weather conditions again delayed the flightout of Halifax till June 18.Amelia flew a solo flight from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast in September 1928to attend the National Air Races. Returning to New York, she began a series of lecturetours organized by George to publicize her new book about the Atlantic flight.Aviation was quite a new concept and the industry looked for ways of improvingits image. Amelia was appointed Assistant to the General Traffic...

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