Ameliorating Hospital Working Conditions Essay

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It is found that most “nurses love their work and hate their jobs” (Berliner and Ginzberg 2742). Due to the current quality of the nurses’ environments, this is of no surprise. The major factor hindering the quality of hospitals is the level of stress in the workforce. While it is inevitable to eliminate stressors in all medical centers, how stress is perceived is a controllable factor. The idea of stress being controlled emphasizes the need for CISM programs in all health facilities of America to cope with the critical incidents and stress that occur on a daily basis. CISM, as defined by Tracy, is a “comprehensive, multi-component program based upon counseling principals and peer support processes designed to assist emergency health professionals’ when dealing effectively with the stressful components of their work” (28). The program is thought to be the most effective type of counseling in hospitals for critical incidents and stress, due to its extensive step-by-step guideline.
CISM is expected to increase nursing staff, patient satisfaction, and overall create more efficient health care facilities by mitigating negative stress reactions in hospital workers. The program will provide a safer and healthier environment for both the nurses and patients in the medical centers. In a study, it was found that hospitals with more positive work environments for their nurses have higher patient satisfaction (Greenslade and Jimmieson 1189). The higher patient satisfaction is most likely due to nurse’s more emotionally prepared to care for their patients in a thriving environment. CISM programs provide that healthier environment and better working conditions in the hospital.
CISM was created by Jeffrey Mitchell initially to reduce the impact that a critical incident had on someone to help the recovery process. However, there are many more underlining goals of the program that have been seen. According to the creator himself, “CISM may also serve to enhance group cohesion and unit performance” (Mitchell 4). Group Unity is an extremely beneficial part of CISM for hospitals. Hospital staff that work together have a stronger support group, and in essence have an emotionally stronger facility. There are a few limitations with Mitchell’s CISM program. CISM’s goal is not to eliminate and cure anxiety disorders or stressors. It simply helps ordinary people that are put into stressful situations cope with their surroundings, such as nurses. CISM works to increase the participant’s knowledge of stress and coping skills, decrease the impact of the experienced critical incident, and reduce the negative stress reactions that occur.
Interventions, such as CISM, have been found to reduce burnout, depolarization, and stress in nurses; also, increasing personal accomplishment (Kravits et al. 131). Kravits and colleagues conducted a study to indicate the significance of CISM altering these variables. It was found that post-intervention participants on average...

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