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America, A Land Of False Hope

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Work hard and stay committed and eventually all of your dreams will come true. This promise is known as part of the American Dream. It is said that with a little bit of hard work and dedication one can end up on the top of the social classes. After all, this is the land of endless opportunity. However, reality is striking most Americans on their way to the top. People are now starting to realize that this land of endless opportunity does have a lot of limitations and setbacks. The majority of these setbacks come from the uneven wealth distribution in America. Americans spend their entire life searching for this “American Dream” promised to them; however, the harsh reality is, all this dream ...view middle of the document...

The wealth distribution in American is completely discombobulated, yet America is supposed to be all about democracy. However, with such a small amount of people owning and controlling everyone else, it makes the entire idea of democracy false. The truth of the matter is the upper class people have become greedy with their money going out and buying unnecessary items to lives the life of luxury. Meanwhile, everyone on the lower class lives paycheck to paycheck just struggling to get by.
Today’s society is completely different to how it was in the past in regards to where a good job and money can get a person. Working hard, in the past, could indicate one furthering their education or even just working their way up in a company. The expectancy of this was to reach a successful career that could ultimately buy all the items necessary to live comfortably and happily. “Americans once expressed their dreams in terms of higher education, a career, a home of their own, economic success, and an even better life for their children” (Lorenzi). Americans, in the past, had their own personal goals to attain to have a decent life and yes, this life was attainable. They had dreams of getting a higher education in order to be successful. The long-term goals of all these dreams were to make a better life for their children.
Americans spends a large amount of time talking about those exceptional stories from the past or even stories from today of someone coming from nothing and now having everything, but what about those...

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