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America And The Struggle With Britian

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In 1812, twenty-nine years after the American Revolution, America once again found itself at war with Great Britain. What caused the Americans to go to war with Britain this time was different, however. Britain was clearly invading America's sea rights, which made the war understandable.According to congressional reports, the major problem that the United States had with Britain was that they would enslave American sailors and not let them access there own water ways. Americans argued that the oceans and seas were known as the highway of nations, which means that any country can use it to conduct their business. Taking away maritime rights would be like taking away peoples natural rights.John C. Calhoun, a Democratic-Republican member and also a congressman once asked the question, "what shall we do, abandon or defend our own commercial and maritime rights, and the personal liberties of our citizens employed in exercising them"? Mr. Calhoun's belief was that they should fight for their rights, as they believed that there was no other way to gain them back. Calhoun goes onto state that it would be only honorable if the United States resisted.Madison's main reason for going to war on Britain was that he wanted to show the British and also his fellow Americans that he cared for the American people. Madison believed that the invasion of American maritime rights and the enslavement of American soldiers were not justifiable under any means.However, John Randolph had a different view on why Madison declared war. Randolph believed that America wanted the English farmland under its own...

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