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America At D Day Essay

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     I am very interested in World War II. So I choose a book that was
written about the Normandy Invasion. More commonly know as D-Day or
Deliverance day. The title of the book is America at D-Day. It was written
by Richard Goldstein. The book has 287 pages and also has 90 different
pictures from the invasion of Normandy. The reason the author wrote this
book was to show exactly what happened at D-Day.
     The author starts off by describing the preparation for D-Day in great
detail. The code name given to the Normandy Invasion was Operation
Overlord. It was planned mainly by General Dwight David Eisenhower.
Prior to World War II Eisenhower never had any actual combat experience.
Eisenhower was a training officer during World War I. Then in 1942
Eisenhower was given command of the Allied invasion of North Africa.
Eisenhower is not the type of man who has a huge ego and he does not give
blood-and-guts speeches, but he does know how to manager people who have
super egos. General Eisenhower “had the ability to work generals--along
with airmen, Navy men, and lesser soldiers by the millions--in effective
harmony in carrying out large-scale operations'; (Goldstein 8). That is one of
the reasons why Eisenhower was chosen to lead Operation Overlord.
     Operation Overlord was a well kept secret. The Allies went through a
lot to make sure that the Germans only heard what the Allies wanted him to
hear and see. The Allies built mock armies on the south eastern corner of
England. That was the location that was the shortest distance between
England and France. The Germans were sure that if there was an amphibious
invasion that it would come from the south eastern corner of England. The
allies put up cardboard airplanes and tanks that fooled the pictures taken by
the German spy planes. The Allied intelligence reports showed that Hitler
and his leaders were falling for the plan. The Germans built up there troops
in the area of France where the English Channel was the narrowest.
     The plan was to catch the Germans off guard and hit them hard and
fast. The Allies split the beach of Normandy into five different parts. The
British forces were to attack 3 of the beaches. The beaches were code named
Gold beach, Juno beach, and Sword beach. The American forces had to
cover the other two beaches, they were code named Utah beach and Omaha
beach. The Americans were also going to drop their paratroopers behind the
German front lines on the Cherbourg Peninsula.
     The American paratroopers were from the 82nd Airborne Division and
from the 101st Airborne Division. The paratroopers were to cut off any
supply line to the front lines and prevent any reinforcements from reaching
the beaches of Normandy. The order was given on the night of June 5, 1944
to launch the paratroopers. The...

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