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America is a democratic nation. The word democratic sets our government apart from the majority of the world's nations. Dictators control many countries, which is unlike our wonderful democratic system, so we should consider ourselves blessed. Although we live in one of the fairest countries in the world, there are still many issues that our political system brings about. These flaws in our government can only be solved while being more altruistic, initiating proportional representation, and "the power of context". These three ideas point out the roots of the issues not only in our political system, but also in our society such as racism, misrepresentation, misunderstandings, and stereotypes, just to list a few.The three ideas presented by De Waal in "The Ape and the Sushi Master", Lani Guinier in "Second Proms and Second Primaries: The Limits of Majority Rule", and Malcolm Galdwell in "The Power of Context" can all be implemented to improve the American democratic system, but the place to start looking for the system's weakpoint is not necessarily apart of the system, but in our society. The American democratic process would greatly improve if the peoples' personal opinions about race were not solely based on stereotypes, but based on what a person's personality is like. Also, it would improve if there were equality in the voting process, so that the under represented would have a fair chance of being equally represented in our governments. Finally, it would improve if everybody respected each other as human beings, and only that, where there would be no condescension based on social status and wealth.De Waal's views on altruism, Guinier's ideas on proportional representation and Gladwell's notion of "he power of context" all go to support a similar topic, which is that the world is an imperfect place. "Our species moderates its selfishness with a healthy dose of fellow-feeling and kindness" (page 658, Frans De Waal). This goes to support the fact that there actually are good people in this world that care about others, instead of being selfish. That many people are misrepresented in our governments, and that many people are mainly misunderstood because of the stereotypes that follow them depending on where they live. Most of these problems are very general and are not just found in our government. In order to improve the democratic process, the steps towards improvement have to start in the manner our society perceives certain groups.Although we live in a supposedly awesome democratic government, the issues that plague our society linger along in our government. This is tragic because it ruins the stability that our forefathers had once wished for us. A topic that needs to be addressed to improve our government is that there are still good people in this world. Although we usually see the media bashing all sorts of politicians, there truly are good people out there. This is something that the government and the people need to work on. We need...

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