America Does Not Need Gun Control

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     Over the years, a great amount of effort and money has been spent on legislation regarding gun control. Gun control advocates maintained that increased gun control could reduce the soaring crime rates found in cities across America. However, most of the arguments used for gun control are the result of careful manipulation of data and emotional appeal. These “myths” are twisted by our liberal media until they are seen as the truth. However, despite the claims of gun control activists, gun control does not reduce crime, it only leaves law abiding citizens increasingly vulnerable to violent crime.

     One common claim of gun control advocates is that gun control in foreign countries,
notably Great Britain, is responsible for their lower crime rates. They present statistics showing that Britain has lower murder rates than America, but skip some other interesting information.

     First, the gun control methods used in Britain include searches and other checks found unconstitutional in America. Also, the British are far more successful than Americans in prosecuting criminals. For instance, 20% of robberies reported in London end in conviction, compared to only 5% in New York City (Ten Myths 5).

     In a broader sense, consider that despite the fact that in a typical year about 8.1 million violent crimes will be committed in America, only 724 thousand will be arrested. Of those, only 150 thousand will receive prison sentences, and over 36 thousand will serve less than one year terms. The biggest problem in America is our revolving door justice system (Ten Myths 3).

     Despite the efficiency of British investigative procedures, the British armed robbery rate
has never been less than twice the highest recorded before the gun control laws took effect in
1920. In fact, over the last twelve years, the British armed robbery rate has increased an
astonishing 300% while the American rate has dropped (Ten Myths 5). Also, from 1930 to 1975,
the British murder rate has increased 50% while the American murder rate rose 30%. Another
foreign nation, Jamaica, totally prohibited gun ownership in 1974. By 1980, Jamaica’s gun
murder rate was six times that of Washington D.C., which has the highest rate of any American
city. However, Switzerland, Israel, Denmark and Finland, all of whom have a higher gun
ownership rate than America, all have lower crime rates than America, in fact, their crime rates
are among the lowest in the Western World (Bender 148).

     Granting gun owners more freedom to carry their weapons responsibly has not caused
America’s crime rate to increase! Rather, American crime has been shown to decrease when
more freedom is allowed. In 1996, the University of Chicago Law School conducted a study of
the crime rates of every county in America over the last fifteen years and determined that violent
crime fell after states made it legal to carry concealed weapons, with murder rates dropping
8.5%, rapes by 5%,...

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