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In this report I will discuss what occurred in America during 1865-1945. There were many social and political issues that were real complicated to solve. This time was also referred to as the Reconstruction which is a period of rebuilding America. There is a realization of the struggles of everyone were both the same. The Reconstruction was not a time for separation; it was a time for support of one another and equality.. On September 18, 1873 the important banker Jay Cooke fell into bankruptcy. After this it was like a chain reaction of smaller banks closing there doors to. Many fortunes were lost and panic began to spread this started a 7 year depression. Within a short time over 4,000,000 men and women were jobless. Many parents and children were left to starve and look for food in garbage. In conclusion the people themselves created the enemy, by not wanting to work as hard, and when they got what they wanted they no longer wanted it any more.The true panic of this depression consisted of banks over- extending credit on insufficient collateral as well as a shortage of the nation’s currency. The shortage of currency failed to meet the demands of the country at a time when the nation was prospering, the railroad was laying tracks and extending outward, and canals were being built to make even more routes of transportation. Basically, people were spending money and investors were buying in to the American corporations and state bonds. During 1835-1837, nearly 40 million acres of land were bought and sold in the nation to immigrants who had little or no money. The land was sold on credit at greatly advanced prices.Though this was a bad time for the economy, the American industry brought in something better. Most of these factors led to America having a tremendous rise in the industry. What cause the rise of American industry? The five points that made the most impact were technology, mass distribution and production, education, railroads, management ideas and structure, and immigrant labor. These five points not only improved the existing industry, but they revolutionized how the American industry would be run for the next generation. As with any change in an existing system, there were a few problems, the main problems were with workers because management replaced them with machines. Many people weren’t ready to make the adjustment from small town farming to big city living, but the benefits far out-weighed any unusual situations. The people and the nation went along with it.The United States, at this point, had lots of open space to live in. They were mostly an agricultural society and most of the people lived on farms or in small towns. In the 1850’s and on, most Americans were wondering about the benefit of a society dominated by cities, factories, and masses of wage earners. Along with cities and factories, pollution, and unhygienic situations was rising as well. Many people wanted industrializing of the city, but on the other...

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