America…Greedy Or Needy? Essay

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As a nation, our economy is declining so less money is circulating through the system. Therefor many people have lost their job and can’t provide for their family. When our countries economy started to collapse in 2008, many businesses went under and many houses were foreclosed. During that time we had a nine trillion dollar debt deficet. Now we have a seventeen trillion dollar debt deficit and we are wasting more food and material items now than we ever have. The debt crisis in late 2007 had people searching for jobs and finding out they might just not be able to provide. When tough times like these occur the government assistance and the states help is necessary. If half of the country is ...view middle of the document...

1 million foreclosure filings issued during 2008, which means that one of every 54 households received a notice last year.” (CNN Money) During 2007 many people were in the market to buy a house. Later that year many people started to regret their decision of buying and now most people couldn’t afford a fifteen hundred dollar payment for rent and also make ends meet, therefor people relied on the government once again to help either bail them out of their house payment or to give them money to buy groceries for their families. People who have enough money to afford a nice house should have their priorities in line and have a backup plan.
There is a line that should be drawn where people need the government and when people are just working the system. If someone has a nice house in a middle class neighborhood and nice vehicles but just can’t make ends meet, they don’t need the government to survive. There are people that have four children and lost their job but are doing everything they can to make it month to month and still don’t use the government assistance like some people. There are people who do need the government to survive and probably would have drowned in debt if it hadn’t been for the government’s assistance.
Something people take for granted is how much the government does help everyone out. The national debt deficit is something that many people don’t care to recognize because all they care about is how their going to get their money. During 2007 our national debt clock was ticking at about 9 trillion dollars in debt. Six years later, after going through what most people call a depression we have made that dollar amount rise to 17 trillion. It is suspect that in 2015 we will spend as a nation close to one trillion dollars on government assistance. “Most of Obama's increases in welfare spending are permanent expansions of the welfare state, not temporary...

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