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Joshua Oeler

Joshua Oeler

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Imagine an America completely different than what we have now. Imagine an America where white is not the majority. An America where every race that whites have had such a bad history with "and that includes the majority of the races on the planet" suddenly run the country. Minorities are everywhere in this America, and in a place where minority used to mean everything but white, it now means the exact opposite. This America could be our reality soon. Now, I'm not making this out to be a bad thing, considering this is nearly exactly what the dead guys who founded this country wanted in the first place. But that's a whole other essay in itself. America will become `a majority minority' nation in I believe as soon as 40-50 years. If this comes true, sure the American culture might be wiped out. But couldn't you consider the richest part of American culture the amount of minority people in our country? If, by 2050, America is "a majority minority" it will affect everything, including politics, business, entertainment, and education. And it won't all change necessarily for the bad, either.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in this America would be the political scene. For years, women and minorities have sat somewhat silent while the majority whites elect white president after white president. Even some of us white people who don't hate any races think there should be a black president, a Latino president, or a woman president. If 2050 America is as I think it will be, this might come true. We might even end up with a Black-Latino-American woman president! What would the racist groups like the KKK do then?
With a president representing what is now the minority, obviously there would be greater representation of minorities in the government. But, with a "majority minority" running the country, this representation would occur in congress as well. There would be more minority input to their Congressmen and women "who might also be minorities" as to what laws need to be passed not to mention a greater minority representation at the voting booths.
American business will be an feature of our lives that will change right under our noses. I don't think we'll notice. We will see more minorities in higher management positions and as CEOs. There will also be more small businesses catering to minorities. I don't think big business will necessarily run any different than it does now, but the large corporations that are based in the U.S., but work around the world might have smoother foreign operations. Imagine that the head of Toyota's American part of the company were Japanese....

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