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America In Five Classes Essay

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In the United States, people and their families are categorized in a class based on power, wealth and occupational prestige. There are five categories in the United States that categorizes our nation’s people. The classification of our nation’s status includes the poor, the near poor, the working class, the middle class, and the upper Class.
The poor is classified when people are living below the poverty line set up by the U.S. government. “The poverty level adjusts for family size, and as of 2009 is $21,834 for a family of two adults and two children” (Brinkerhoff, Ortega, White, & Weitz, 2011). The poor can be all types of ethnic, male and female, big cities to small towns, people with and without jobs to whole families or single mother and father families. African-American, Hispanics, Children, Single Mother Households, and Non-Citizens are more likely to be poor. Most poverty class people have low quality education, community services and lack of jobs. The culture of poverty is adapted through generations and ways of living through welfare, education, jobs, and “family values”. Most people in poverty have less than a high school diploma, live in concentrated poverty community. Due to the lack of health care and cost births from the poor class generally have low birth weights, Preterm Birth and Infant Mortality. “Nationally across large US cities, high poverty is related to increased Infant Mortality Rates and larger disparities exist between African-American and White Infant Mortality Rates in higher poverty areas than lower poverty areas” (Salm Ph.D, Patrick Ph.D., & Mori Ph.D., 2009) Alcohol and drug abuse is higher in poverty communities. Just near poor is just above poverty and at any time can go into poverty. Poor and near poor may apply for welfare and Medicare.
The working class is determined both by income but also education, occupation, lifestyle and self definition. The working class is labeled by “blue-collar” industries. Occupations include truck driving, factories, loading docks, maid services, and secretaries to name a few. The working class income rarely increase, have a lower chance of promotion, jobs are less secure, and not as likely to receive health insurance, benefits and pensions. Compensation varies in the working class and can range to both the high and low spectrum of the middle class. Housing for the working class is similar to the same as the middle class. The education level is most common as high school graduate with little to none college. Most people in the working class are not as likely to have benefits, health insurance or receive retirement and pensions. The birth in a working class depends on if the mother has health insurance. Most likely health insurance is not provided to the working class and childcare cost can be high. The care for both the mother and child would be expensive and most working class people are not as likely to have a savings for added cost.
The middle class...

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