America, It's Time To Stop World Policing

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The United States was founded on the principals that every person was due equality, liberty and freedom as per the nations Constitution. The Constitution declared these principals not only for the citizens of the United States, but in principal expressed these rights to the people of the world. It was the expression of these rights that has led the United States to stand on the World Stage and work to insure that those who cant peruse or defend these opportunities have the help that they need to be successful in the dream of freedom.

The support that the United States has given in search of these freedoms has taken our policies, funding and soldiers around the world to every struggling country that could muster the call for help. This has all come at the expense of american lives, trillions of dollars and not so welcome receptions in many parts of the work. In many cases the global policies that the United States has decide to enforce resulted in negative ramifications here at home with the dissent of the nation. Conflicts such as Vietnam, Desert Storm II and event he ongoing operations in Afghanistan have many people wondering how long with the United States have to be the police force for the world.

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg for actions that the US has taken to fight the oppression of the people of the world. The conflicts however have had some strategic interest to the US in which they were compelled to act not just as a liberating force but as a defender of national interest. The Vietnam War was undertaken because of the Communist element that was working its way deep in to South East Asia and was a threat to National Security. The Desert Storm Operations have been because citizens that were supposed to be free were being oppressed by their own government, but lets not forget the strategic importance of the oil that those citizens were sitting around. Lastly, Afghanistan has been seen as the incubator for terrorism that has reached across the world bringing death and destruction, but lets not forget the financial impacts that each terrorist attack takes on the free market.

These within themselves all seem like very valid reasons for the US to impose its policies of helping the oppressed reach freedom. But the question is now being asked, for how long and at what price. Current estimates have the combined cost of the current conflicts at over 1.2 Trillion dollars, ( This, couples with a failing US financial market and flounder job and housing markets. These leads one to ask, have we done too much and do other countries want our input? Do we still need to be the Police Force of the World?

Rarely has the United States had to defend our Nation on its on soil, however our borders are wide open to a daily invasion that is costing our country billions in unsubsidized benefits to...

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