America Must Ban The Selling Of Firearms

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The majority of crimes committed in the United States were accompanied by a weapon, which was usually a gun. The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research dedicates its service to prevent gun-related deaths and injuries. Studies have proven that in 2010 there were 52,436 gun related deaths which calculated out equals 143 deaths a day. A study by researchers from the University of Chicago, John Lott and David Mustard, showed that violent crime is reduced when citizens have a law that allows them to carry concealed weapons. In 1994 a crime bill was passed that included an assault weapons ban that outlawed the manufacturing and selling of semiautomatic weapons and prohibits the manufacturing of copies.

     The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research was established in 1995 and applies an approach to informing the public about guns. The Center attempts to educate the public about firearm injuries and new gun policies. The Center tries to prove that the safety of guns can be regulated as we would regulate the safety of other consumer goods. The Center looks into legal and public strategies to reduce the amounts of injuries and deaths due to the use of guns. The Center creates and evaluates policies to restrict the availability of weapons to high risk users. The faculty of the Center evaluates the effect of gun laws such as those banning the Saturday Night Specials, or permitting the carrying of a concealed weapon. The Center also conducts surveys to find out from the public what people think about gun laws and policies.

     The second leading cause of injury in the United States are gun-related deaths. In 1997, the amount of gun related deaths exceeded the amount of motor vehicle related deaths in five states and the District of Columbia. 54% of all gun related deaths, in 2010, were suicides and 42% were homicides. According to polls, 92% of homicides were due to young black males with itchy trigger fingers. Over 17,000 people are treated for unintentional gunshot wounds. That is only 3% of the fatalities that were unintentional. In 2010, firearms were the third leading cause of death among ten to fourteen year olds and the second leading cause of death for fifteen to twenty four year olds. The leading cause of death for young black males is due to the use of guns.

     John Lott and David Mustard had researched into the law that allowed citizens to carry concealed weapons and came to the conclusion that this law would reduce the amount of gun-related deaths. When Lott and Mustard conducted their research they had misinterpreted some state laws as shall-issue laws although through repeated investigation proves that there is still discretion in issuing a gun permit. The assumptions that the shall-issue laws would create a direct affect on violent crime was proven incoherent by the research done by Dan Black and Daniel Nagin from the Carnegie Mellon University. Although, Vermont has had an allowance of people to carry...

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