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America Must Join The International Community

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For the past century, Americans have viewed the United States as standing as a symbol of strength, freedom, and prosperity. Recently, however, this symbol of higher society has been directly attacked by those who strongly disagree with the values projected by the United States. This is one of the first times that the stance of America has even been questioned. The answer to this is scattered in many places and divided into two different categories-- where the people of America stand as citizens of a country under attack, and were America as a nation stands in global respects.

The people of America have been taught and expect to have the right to trust their government. The Constitution and governing institutions are set to serve the people and their rights. However, in past situations of war, American citizens have been deceived and blatantly lied to. In 1964, President Lyndon B Johnson officially declared war on Vietnam. The action that directly influenced this declaration is known as the Tonkin Gulf Incident. A US destroyer was attacked and sunk in the international waters of the Tonkin Gulf. President Johnson conveniently left out information to Congress and American citizens and called this attack unprovoked and used it as an excuse to launch full-scale mobilization. He eagerly exploited symbolism and patriotism while deceiving the American public as well as Congress. The government continued to hide details of how devastating the progress and causalities were throughout the duration of the war. Most Americans today still wonder what went on during Operation Desert Storm during the late 1980's and are mostly let in the dark about incidents in Kosovo. It is hard to leave your immediate future in the hands of a government that can be corrupt during times of war. The current terrorist attack is certainly clearer than what happened in the Tonkin Gulf, but the instances can certainly be compared. There have been constant struggles between America and the Middle East. Do American citizens know everything that has been happening between the two cultures? Is this an excuse to launch into another war? No matter what questions Americans may have, it is the citizen's duty to support the decisions of the government and help to keep the nation on its feet. The support and patriotism currently being exercised and displayed is phenomenal and it appears that American...

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