America Must Stop Illegal Immigration Essay

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Among many of the highly disputed issues in the United States, illegal immigration is near the top, as it is continually growing and must be brought to an end. The term “illegal immigration” is used to describe the migration of people into another country without the government’s permission. Due to the United States’ highly desirable lifestyle, illegal immigration is more common than many other countries in the world. Even before the Constitution was written, significant political and social idols, such as Benjamin Franklin worried about the outcome of immigration. His ideas were particularly towards the increase of German immigrants, for he would caution that “Pennsylvania will in a few years become a German colony; instead of their learning our language, we must learn their, or live as in a foreign country.” Although Franklin’s thoughts influenced a large number of people living in the country, the first hundred years of the nation were established with an open border (Hing). This would welcome foreign nationals displaced by the ravages of war or persecuted by totalitarian governments in hope of a better life. The fourteenth amendment, ratified in 1868, would establish the rights of citizens, or legally recognized subjects or nationals of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized (McClenaghan). Many illegal immigrants refuse to assimilate into their surroundings of which they have brought themselves upon. They also take a variety of unskilled jobs that citizens could use, but instead become unemployed. The concept of immigration is what allowed the United States to flourish in its early years to the present day; however, when it is done illegally, it can hurt the domestic tranquility and security of the nation, as well as the rights of the individual legalized citizens, of who wish to live their life as worry-free as possible.
Illegal immigrants should not be able to exercise the rights and freedoms of a citizen if they fail to become one. The rights of a citizen are not given to an individual, they are earned. In order to earn one’s rights as a citizen of the United States, an individual must put forth some effort as they adopt the American lifestyle. Although many immigrants choose not to, due to their necessary reasons, and remain an illegal alien. These illegal aliens are not granted the rights of citizens. One of the greatest of these rights is the right to vote. With this being said, illegal aliens have little to no say in the democratic government in the United States.
There have been numerous attempts to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, as well as deterring an individual from taking the risky path across the border. For example, in the case of Pyler v. Doe, the “Supreme Court struck down a state statute denying funding for education to illegal immigrant children and simultaneously struck down a municipal school districts attempt to charge illegal immigrants $1,000 tuition fee for each...

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