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For many years, animals have been used to facilitate the testing of new procedures, drugs, and quest for information. Now as we enter the 21st century, humanity has created computer prediction models, tissue cloning, and great understanding of chemical reactions. However most of these new methods still are only sparingly used, despite their accuracy, and animal testing still remains the test method of choice. There's a newly developed technology that can allow doctors and scientists to duplicate living organisms. This development in technology is known as cloning, and it has forever changed the views of life. Cloning can serve as the answer to problems which plaque the human, animal, and plant populations. Any living species can now be artificially created through cloning. This could potentially eliminate the possibility of extinction among many species. Cloning creates the possibility of having a twin or child carrying the exact DNA of another person. The reproduction of animals would ensure the lasting life of all species, and produce an abundant amount of food to feed the people of the world. Even the vegetarians of the world would be happy with the amount of vegetation that could be produced. Cloning is the perfect means of improving the quality of human life on this planet.

Cloning is a very controversial topic and will be for many years to come. In February 1997, scientists in Scotland announced the birth of Dolly, the first cloned sheep. This heralded the future of further cloning possibilities and scientists began extensive experiments on cloning, and have since cloned both plants and animals successfully. The next step was to clone actual human beings but before experiments could be carried out, pressure started to build on the scientists because people started to doubt if cloning was ethical and morally correct. The government began to ban and impose constraints on cloning as a result of public pressure. After the cloning of Dolly, President Clinton was quick to cut all federal funding for research of human cloning (Lester & Hefley, 123). In December of 2001, the United Kingdom put a ban on human reproductive cloning but not therapeutic cloning (Seppa, 32). Even though cloning raises some difficult ethical issues, there are many aspects of cloning that will be very beneficial to mankind.

     If the experimentation of cloning continues in the United States, scientists have the ability to clone body organs that could replace a person?s damaged organs. This would prove to be most helpful for organ transplant patients. Doctors and scientists would be able to clone an existing kidney, which would create the possibility for a fully operating organ to be transplanted into a patient rather than from a donor. Cloning has implications for conquering diseases such as Parkinson's disease, cancer and many other major deadly diseases.

Cell-based therapy with the fusion of a single nucleus to an egg can treat certain diseases (Andrews,...

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