America Needs More Gay Rights And Tolerance

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Change is a constant something that I am always told and it’s a fact truth, but another key concept to remember is that change is slow it is glacial. Meaning change is very slow but despite the speed of change it is still change and the significant point is that change does occur. For the past 40 years the change for the gay society has been steady and constant the events of the stonewall riots gave the gay movement a voice and has allowed reasons for change. Gays are given rights that were once denied and violence against gays is considered illegal society is leaning towards gay rights and the word tolerance meaning to be socially and lawfully recognized and accepted is being understood by society to the fullest. But are these assumptions mere claims, has gay tolerance increased in the past 40 years? Religious institution are accepting Homosexual, popular social figures are accepted by the media and all and all gay rights have been improving both on a state and national level. It is the recognition of these facts that allows one to conclude that Society has become more tolerant towards homosexual in the past 40 years the proof is in the evidence and is hard to be disputed.
Let’s start by exploring the specific to the earlier claim that gay tolerance has increased within the past 40 years. In 1948 Harry Hay a gay communist started the first gay rights movement his radical decision lead to the stonewall movement over 20 years later in 1969 which official started the gay rights movement a riot that spread from the bars of New York to the streets of California. This riot is at the forefront of the gay movement and has long stood for the symbol of change for many in the Gay community (Adiatu). The stonewall movement has lead to great things such as Anti Violent projects in places from New York to Milwaukee. There are gay and lesbian centers all over New York, programs such as the Door provide safe Havens for gay and lesbian teens as well as others organizations like each one teach one, these programs are openly advertised and with limited research can be spotted just by walking the streets of New York.
With the tolerance of homosexual on the rise the media has done an excellent job portraying positive popular gay social figures...

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