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America Needs More Gun Control Essay

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Missing Works Cited " The American people are sick and fed up with what assault weapons have done. The American people have come to realize what these weapons are doing on our streets. They are saying, enough, is enough, is enough." (Gibbs, 1993) Many Americans believe that gun control should be improved and the regulations made more stringent. However, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has a most formidable lobby, and lobbing campaign, which up until this time, has presented past Presidents from initiation gun control laws.
There appears to be an almost grass roots movement to stifle efforts which attempt to establish more effective gun control laws. To a large extent, it is our Constitution which gives us the right to bear arms, and with which who oppose gun control rely most easily upon. However, when someone is shot in New York City, or any other major metropolis for that matter, the average cost that person incurs in medical treatment in $9,646. The figure does not include ambulance costs, follow-up care, medication, or rehabilitation. It also escalates if intensive care is required, reaching as much as $150,000 per patient. The financial burden for the injury moreover, is borne by the public. A study at a San Francisco Hospital noted that 86% of the expenses incurred by firearm injuries are paid out of taxes. Guns and violence have, therefore, become a part of the nation's debate over health care costs. The President cited guns as a reason for rising medical bills in his address to Congress two weeks ago, and Hillary Rodham Clinton endorse Senator Bill Bradley's call for a 25% sales tax on "the purveyors of violence." The levee would go towards funding health care. The cost of treating firearm injuries in the U.S. exceeds $4 billion dollars a year, according to congressional and gun control group estimates. One of the spinal cord injuries in Detroit found that 40% percent resulted from gunshots. According to New York Congressman Major Owens: "We cannot expect to rein-in the costs of our health care system if emergency rooms are overflowing with victims of gun violence." While the 500 plus members of the Clinton health care task force considered everything from defining who is a part-time worker to estimating the number of jobs lost because of reform, little attention was paid to violence. That may soon change. Dr. David Satcher, Clinton's newly appointed director who is a part-time worker to estimating the number of jobs lost because of reform, little attention was paid to violence. (Thompson, 1993) Indeed, there are extremely high, as well as escalating costs relating to victims of gunfire. Many of these are attributed to domestic violence, and far too many are related to accidents. Members of the family cause many of these accidents, particularly children, who fool around with the 'house-gun,' and as result murder someone else, themselves, or commit serious injuries. A strong argument can and is...

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