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America Over Ruled By Technology Essay

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In “Blue Sky Dream, Beers shows how America eventually became a nightmare for him and other blue sky tribe members. He showed how the government, technology, and secrecy had over ruled the United States. Beers shows how his family and other blue sky tribe families were interwoven into the events throughout history. The “blue sky tribe” consisted of aerospace families, who believe that they would be rewarded for their commitment to corporations like Lockheed, but instead it caused a lot of issues within the families. These families believed in living the American Dream and they soon learned the hard way that the high tech life they were involved in was not quite what they bargained for. These ...view middle of the document...

It tore families apart because it made them feel distant from one another and made the children and wife think of the father as a stranger. This secrecy made members of the tribe, like David Beers, see that this high tech opportunity was not quite worth the problems it had caused with in their families. David was against the secrecy and had disagreed with his own father choices. The secrecy within Lockheed was one of the main factors that destroyed the thought of the American Dream for these tribe families. The government strongly urged this secrecy in the hopes of helping the society, but instead it tore these blue sky tribe families apart.
During the Vietnam War, President Johnson and the government had decided to go to war with North Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism. The Vietnam War was one of the many events that gave the tribe members great opportunities. Beers “father’s company made one of the jet fighters that strafed and bombed North Vietnam, the F-104.” (127) President Johnson thought that we would win this war, but instead we ended up losing majority of our troops and were forced to flee South Vietnam. In the long run this was the biggest lose for the United States and it was all for nothing since north Vietnam ended up taking control of south Vietnam. Years after the Vietnam War, Reagan announced his Star Wars' in 1983. (165) This engaged the expertise of Hal beers and other blue sky tribe members. The jobs required that the families spend more...

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