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America Needs More Gun Control Laws

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Gun control in the United States has been a major debate for many years. Many people believe that guns should be highly regulated as a way of keeping criminals from obtaining weapons that could be used to kill. Others believe that guns should not have any regulations and that anyone should be able to own one as a way of protecting themselves from others. Guns in general have been a major issue in the United States due to the high mortality rates and accidental discharges that occur from untrained users. Overhunting also has recently become a hot topic. Many people believe that hunting animals should be allowed at all times of the year, while others believe not at all. Limiting the amount of gun use can help stop the onslaught of animal populations. Gun control has been proven to decrease death rates and prevent the extinction of animals. Additionally, the 2nd Amendment, while usually interpreted as a defense against gun control, in its vagueness actually permits gun control.
Violence related to guns is a prominent issue in America. Guns are a means to an end; meaning guns have played a strong role in suicides, murders, and injuries. In the past decade there has been an average of 400-500 thousand incidents involving firearms each year. The number of injured people from firearm incidents in the United States per year for the past decade is 400,000 – 500,00 people (“Gun Violence”). These statistics are absolutely shocking to anyone. The amount of violence and crime that comes from guns is enormous. It is imperative that proper gun control is put into place by means of background checks and proper training. It can almost be certain that the number of incidents of accidental discharges from children and adults would decrease. Also, the number of victims affected by gun crimes in general would be highly reduced with effective gun control measures put into place.
The majority of gun owners use guns primarily for hunting, rather than self-defense. While guns are used for self-defense, as the primary purpose stated under the Second Amendment, the majority of guns in todays’ society have become a tool for fun and sport. This “sport” is the killing of animals for food and entertainment. While many laws have been enacted to limit hunting, by restricting when certain animals can be hunted, it is still not enough. Species of animals have become extinct due to the poor enforcement of the law by regulatory agencies. However, mostly this is not the fault of the agency. They can only do what they are given funding for. It is the responsibility of Congress to issue greater funding to these regulatory agencies to allow them to enforce the policies and laws that have been set forth. An example of a severe situation of how guns can cause animal populations to cease to exist is in Montana. Congress, in April of 2013, removed wolves in Montana from the endangered species list. Immediately following the removal from the endangered list was a massive hunting spur....

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