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Will changing the grading system in America's educational system improve student's performance?The letter grade system is the established form of grading in the American educational system currently and commonly used in some part of the world. These grades were A, B, C, D, and F. Letter "A" being the highest and "F", indicating a fail, the lowest. With that said, there are numerous articles and publications suggesting a change in the current grading system (Letter grade) in the curriculum of the U.S education system with proposed grading systems such as the numerical, narrative or mixed mode (combination of both numerical/letter and narrative) forms of grading.Arguments over grading is always in constant debate with seemingly endless lines having been drawn between both support and opposing side of the spectrum. My goal in this paper is to point out why the letter grade system in the United States should be maintained and how that correlates to student's performance. As a freshman college student, I disagree with any proposals to amend the current grading system.Grading is a letter, number, or other symbol indicating the relative quality of a student's work in a course, examination, or special assignment (Rinsland 9). The letter grading systems exploit letters as the measure of student performance an evaluation. Letter grades are based on an interval kind of measurement, wherein a broad range of grades are grouped under a letter grade "representative." For example, a student with a grade of B can range from a numerical grade percentage of 80.5%- 89.5%, which is comparatively a wide interval and closer to the grades of A and C. I believe the current system provides enough of a distinction between different levels of performance, and is quite fair and adequate.Grading help students improve their perfor​mance". Grades are a way of telling students how they are doing with regard to understanding course content and developing skills (Adelman 23). If grades are to be effective communication for this purpose, they must be combined with feedback to the student about what is wrong and how the student can do better. In this sense, Dr. Adelman gives a brief description to what the letter grades from A-F stands for:"A" means: "You are doing very good or excel​lent work; you demonstrate an ability to converse and apply the major and minor concepts of the course and a willingness to put in the effort necessary to become proficient in continu​ing to study the subject in the future. Keep up the good work.""B" might be interpreted as: "You are doing a good job in this course; you demonstrate understanding of the major con​cepts; and your work reflects an ability to apply these con​cepts and rules in a reasonable manner. With more time and effort you might expect to do better.""C" might mean: "You exhibit satisfactory work in the course on the major concepts, but do not seem to have a good grasp of the detail and or...

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