America’s Culture Of Violence Essay

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Mark Twain Once said, “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.” Who could disagree with him? Show me another country where someone would walk into an elementary school with the intent to kill as many children as possible. In comparison to other first world countries, America proves to be the leading nation in terms of violence. We have people who murder innocent victims without cause or regret. Criminals always seem to be sad that they were caught. Rarely do they ever turn themselves in and let justice prevail.
And isn’t that some irony for you. America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Yet even the poorest of out poor with nothing, can sit on a corner and beg. Which still enables then to survive. I am not saying that every American is going to stab somebody in their lifetime. But we sure do kill each other a lot (OJJDP, 2013). Even one of the most popular video games is based off running around and shooting each other.
As explored in this study, three major issues that are critically relatable to the amount of violence amongst Americans. As Country that was born of blood. The spirit of this country is to shoot first and run and hide in the woods. Enactment of possessive laws under democratic guidance; the government has attempted to control people and fail miserably twice. All they did was create a prosperous criminal element. Racism and poverty has given to fuel the kill or be killed attitude. With cities becoming larger than any period in history; the fire is burning hotter than ever before.
Roots of American Violence, Laws Which produced Gangsters, And Poverty and Racism
Since the America’s were discovered we have been fighting one another. We used to do it for land. We killed the Indians in the most brutal ways imaginable. Simply because we saw then as savages (Graves, S. 2004.) They needed to die so that civilization could flourish. They and keep in mind the people that were coming to the new world as they called it back then. Were simply the underbelly of society. The poorest and the most desperate people would get on those boats. Why would anyone who was well liked, makes a decent living, and happy want to travel six months to the unknown?
Fast forwarding past The Seven Years war between colonial powers. Namely the British Empire and France Empire. We miss plenty of atrocities of violence that only, proves what kind of people settled this land (Shmoop University, 2013). During the time leading up to the Revolutionary War. England followed the trend of violence. Only this time it wasn’t against a foreign army or savages. This time it was against civilians whining about unfair taxes. The “massacre” of five citizens sparked one of the most important wars in human history.
Another historical influence violence is the Wild West. During the settling of the west people were spread out. Help was always miles away and would arrive to late. So people would take...

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