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Corporate greed and extreme partisanship have gotten the American people nowhere, and if they are allowed to continue in the same manner apocalyptic days may be upon us. If America is to find it's way out of this economic mess, small businesses should be the ones getting billions in government aid, not big business. The government should find new ways to deal with the economic collapse because corporate greed, extreme partisanship and a lack of aid for small businesses has not helped.
Corporate America has nearly single-handedly caused the crash of the American economy. These giants need to be reined in or they are going to cause a crash the likes of which Americans have not seen since the Great Depression. If the greed of big business is not curbed America is headed for doom. It does not help that government seems to be snugly in bed with the banks and Wall Street. Corporations are dictatorships, small businesses are families. Families succeed because of the support system they provide to one another. As the saying goes, "all for one and one for all". Dictatorships fail because one or a tiny percent of the group benefits, and the rest of the "family" is left destitute. The recent failures of major Wall Street firms and banks claimed to be "too big to fail" should have been a red flag for the government, but instead of letting them feel the pain they brought on themselves, more taxpayer money was used to bail out the very institutions who cheated ninety percent of Americans out of stability. There is nothing like being robbed, then having to pay for the lawyer of the person who robbed you. However this is exactly how things have unfolded. Government rescuing of big business needs to stop. An injection of funds for small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the American economy, is needed. We need to let small business take its proper place, back in the mainstream of the American economy. When considering the phrase "We the people" most would think of their family, not their boss or the big bureaucratic company they work for. Families work together through tough times, they do not divide and squabble as the government seems to be doing lately.
Extreme partisanship causes lengthy lockouts and only hinders progress. The politicians in Washington need to curb their extreme partisanship to avoid further economic crises. If this useless quibbling continues we will fall farther down the slippery financial debt slope, causing more businesses to fail, more lost jobs, and a lack of any support for those groups of people that can actually make a difference. In the past, as recently as 1995, one can see where this extremism can lead to: the government shut down, which seems preposterous to have happened in the most modern country in the world, yet it did happen, and the same fate awaits us now. Besides the domino...

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