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America's Favorite Beverage: Coca Cola Essay

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Coca-Cola is an American created multimillion dollar company who is best known for their non-alcoholic line of beverages. This company has been around for circa 120 years, so one can only imagine the amount of effort and thought that goes into an advertisement for this company. Everything, from the word choice to the graphics, is strategically placed, positioned and premeditated in order to optimize the effect that the advertisement has on not just the targeted consumer group but the goodwill of the company name. This standard magazine advertisement plays on an American sense of patriotism that was prevalent in the 1950’s. The creators of this advertisement appear to be targeting a broad audience of young adults who are able to enjoy and appreciate the basic American ideas of cookouts, ball games and picnics at the park. Based on the positive responses that Coca-Cola receives and the fact that it is still considered America’s favorite beverage, the advertisement was very effective and possessed a long lasting effect on America.
This advertisement is directed towards American adults and possibly soldiers based on the patriotic language and memories that the advertisement seems to create. It talks about things that young adults enjoy such as movies, sports and “a trip down a dirt road in a beat up old jalopy”. The reference to the “trip down a dirt road in a beat up old jalopy” is a pastime that is enjoyed by the younger adults of that generation. It is unlikely that a mother or grandmother would be in a jalopy, but it is likely that your family could be enjoying “your team winning” with a coke in hand. These generalized memories are what broaden the target audience that the Coca-Cola Company is trying to reach.
The language in this advertisement attempts to create a version of America that is full of patriotic thoughts and idealism. The very first line on the advertisement invites you to “stop and think [back] just for a moment”; this automatically triggers a sense of nostalgia in the reader. It also provokes you to think of your favorite memories by spotlighting Americanized stories such as “ a trip down a dirt road in a beat up old jalopy…your team winning…[and] a late night movie you could enjoy a thousand times”. Each of these memories can be easily enjoyed with a Coca-Cola in hand, and usually they are.
The language in this advertisement is also constructing a more superior view of America in respect to the different countries. It draws on the pride of many Americans by saying that America has more good things and “all of the good things in this country are real”. This makes the consumer think that other countries do not have good things to offer, let alone real things. This ideal is a very patriotic and prideful view on America, a view that can lead one to believe that America is superior to other countries simply based on the products, more specifically Coca-Cola, it produces. This American view was widely popularized in the late 1900’s....

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